As an organization, we acknowledge and recognize our responsibility to the original and current stewards of the land where the work of ElyssarPress is located: The Cahuilla, Tongva, Luiseño, and Serrano peoples. We are committed to ongoing work toward social and racial justice.

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Gayle Baird illustration of Queen Elyssar of Carthage
Welcome to Elyssar Press, a publishing company nestled in Redlands, California, established in 2018.

From childhood, the great Queen Elyssar has been an inspiration. We knew her bravery and wisdom was legendary. In the 9th century BC, Queen Elyssar and her loyal subjects fled from the Phoenician Tyre. After sailing the Mediteranean Sea to Tunisia, Elyssar founded the great city of Carthage. In her quest for peace and freedom of expression, she gave rise to a nation which became a crossroads for rich thought and knowledge from around the world, a hub of exchange of stories, discoveries, philosophies, sciences and spiritual beliefs.

Like Elyssar, we are committed to the power of human knowledge, to telling tales that remind us of the joy of being alive and sharing in a living, thriving space. We proclaim the importance of an international community, one who is connected and entwined in a remarkable web of creation.

As such we are aware that writing our stories down, be it experiential, spiritual, or environmental is a necessity to awaken our attention and commitment to our humanity and its harmonious existence within this planet.

We strive to provide a venue for new and existing writers, poets and artists, whether local or international, in different languages, to publish their works. We are responding to the need for the many voices of our melting pot society to be expressed and heard. We believe in the importance of individuality, the richness of every culture and the understanding attained in the knowledge about each other by ways of beauty in the written language and design.

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