Poetic Dwellings

All my life, I have enjoyed writing: essays, book reports, opinions, letters and more. In my late senior years, poetry writing opened a new meaningful door, which has given me much joys and quite often a lot of healing.The beginning is the thought process. Thoughts need to be organized. By doing that, feelings and the unconscious mind kick in. Those avenues travel and need to be crafted into a precise short form. Only a few words should express a lot of meaning. Each line stirs more ideas and thoughts.English is and always will be my second language. In the end effect the meaning of the poem is what counts.

Helga Vroom was born in Germany in 1930. Her parents instilled in her a love for classical music, nature, travel, books, and more which she has followed her lifelong as her passions. She came to the United States as a student. The love of writing poems began in 2016 in her senior years. For her, poems are stories of a few words which express a lot – reliving her life, and feeling joy and contentment.



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