Poetic Dwellings: A Soul’s Journey

by Helga Vroom


no more standing
no more waiting
no more baggage
no more checking in
now sitting
with anticipation
roaring engines
taking off
gaining altitude
a new world
unfolding with
new perspectives
sandy coastline
waves crashing
endless ocean
glued to the sight
with mind and soul
all is perfect
Oh … Let it last

Letters under Rock: Performance Poetry

By Cindy Rinne and Bory Thach

It’s basically spirit through the medium of body in action.Michael Thomas Cooper, author of Speaking Through SedimentCindy and Bory transformed the Lancaster Museum of Art and History – MOAH into a sacred space by being in perfect harmony with each other. There was something intangible that emanated from their words and choreography that transported the viewers beyond time and space. They produced a unique moment of grace where all the distractions of the world disappeared. Thank you, Cindy and Bory for sharing your sacred choreography with the audience. Marthe Aponte, mixed media artist who specializes in Picoté Letters Under Rock is part poetry, dance, and wearable art—beyond that it is a rare glimpse of artistic intimacy. Cindy Rinne and Bory Thach move with a sense of purpose and sincerity that leave the audience awed by the power of beauty, love, and friendship. Nicelle Davis, author of The Walled Wife