As an organization, we acknowledge and recognize our responsibility to the original and current stewards of the land where the work of ElyssarPress is located: The Cahuilla, Tongva, Luiseño, and Serrano peoples. We are committed to ongoing work toward social and racial justice.

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Katie Allen is a teacher, editor, and author of Teranga: A Memoir of Belonging. She holds a master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and a bachelor’s degree in French. Out of all the jobs she’s ever had, from serving popcorn as a teenager to hosting writing retreats in the mountains, her favorite […]

Publicity & Strategy Consultant

Carolyn Schutten is an arts and culture consultant with over 13 years of experience. Her doctoral work and scholarly work includes social and environmental histories, migrant experiences, and social art practices, and she has published poetry as well as essays. At Elyssar Press, Carolyn guides the business strategy to help Elyssar Press grow as a […]

Social Media Manager

Nadia Boulos is a web designer and social media manager for the last five years. Her background includes years in marketing, public relations, web design, and event planning. Nadia is a creative spirit and published poet who draws her inspiration from nature. She also manages all the social media duties, helping share the stories of […]

Web Designer and Swag Coordinator

Wendy Hunt is an artist, illustrator, free-range thinker, musician, and writer living in the Mojave Desert. She loves the playful element of designing and developing brands, websites, and marketing goodies. Wendy has always loved maps and speculates that we can visually map our interior landscape the same way we map our physical world. Wendy designed […]

Graphic Designer

Stephanie Bou Karam is an interior architect and graphic designer residing in Lebanon. A dancer at heart, driven by beauty and order, she loves all things artistic and strives to create the “perfectly imperfects” of the design world. With each book published by Elysar Press, Stephanie brings her passion of design to enhance the reading […]


Linda B. Johnson sees spelling and punctuation errors everywhere, even when she’s not looking for them. Linda is a gardener, quilter, mosaic artist, and an animal lover. She is a metastatic breast cancer patient and advocate surviving for 15 years in continuous treatment, and she is passionate about providing support to others. Linda brings her […]

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