As an organization, we acknowledge and recognize our responsibility to the original and current stewards of the land where the work of ElyssarPress is located: The Cahuilla, Tongva, Luiseño, and Serrano peoples. We are committed to ongoing work toward social and racial justice.

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Gayle Baird illustration of Queen Elyssar of Carthage

Our hearts and prayers go out to all who are affected by escalating atrocities, loss, displacement, and hunger due to senseless violence and aggression in our hurting world.

A Native American legend tells of how the cottonwood tree first gave birth to the stars by holding star seeds within its branches.
These are cottonwood leaves, symbols of hope, healing, and transformation. A Native American legend tells of how the cottonwood tree first gave birth to the stars by holding star seeds within its branches.

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Alter Alter

Alter Alter is a collection of short stories bridging views of the real and the surreal, covering territories of childhood, displacement, encounter, estrangement, mirror and divergence, while they spiral around a central theme of otherness—how it haunts us, how it constantly eludes us.

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At Elyssar Press, we believe that the power of storytelling unites us and showcases the beauty of our interconnected world. It is transformative and sparks personal growth and positive change. Join the movement #ReadforaBetterLife with Elyssar Press today.  Elyssar Press is committed to the power of human knowledge, and to telling tales that remind people of the joy of being alive. That’s why the press publishes both local and international works, with a focus on sharing the human experience.

Be Royal:

Give like a Queen!

Wherever you go, may Queen Elyssar of Carthage inspire you in her story of resilience, resourcefulness, and belief in a place where everyone is welcome.

Queen Elyssar heard the call to leave and build a new city, Carthage, that became a hub where cultures and people came together and sailed toward the unknown.

We celebrate all women who carry families and communities in their hearts everywhere they go, towards a brighter future. They are the link between the land and the people, the wise voice of sustainable and compassionate living.

We believe that stories connect us.

Our Mission

We believe that stories connect us. We believe that by recording and sharing experiential, spiritual, and environmental stories from around the world, we remind people of the joy of being alive, and of the many voices in our community, of the individuality, the richness, and the beauty of all written languages and cultures.

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